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Getting married for the second time?

by Atty. Jablonski on 02/12/12

 If so, consider the benefits of a pre-nuptial agreement to a happy marriage. Especially if you are marrying a person with children from a  previous relationship, a pre-nuptial agreement can assist you both to have clear expectations after your marriage vows. Divorce happens because of two main causes, in-laws and money. The agreement you write before marriage will ensure that everyone has the same understanding of financial issues. It will preserve your children's inheritance of your assets, and will spell out the financial conditions in the event of a divorce. The process of forming this agreement with your fiance and an attorney involves each party revealing assets and liabilites to each other. Proceed into the new marriage with your eyes wide open!

Is divorce mediation for you?

by Atty. Jablonski on 07/26/11

Divorce is very difficult no matter who is involved and no matter what the circumstances are. Mediation in divorce matters can be a very effective and less expensive way to resolve the issues that must be decided to complete the process.  Every situation is different so you should consider the following questions when deciding to choose mediation:

  1. Do both parties agree that divorce is the next step?
  2. Are there children involved who would be harmed by a long, bitter court case?
  3. Are both parties able to communicate their ideas and opinions to the mediator, even with some assistance?
  4. Is the mediator someone who is trained in mediation?
  5. Is the mediator an attorney, or someone who knows about the requirement s of the court?
In certain situations, mediation may not work. These include domestic violence, substance abuse, and severe mental health issues of one or both parties.  Also, if one party is not committed to a process of full disclosure of assets (may be hiding assets) this defeats the spirit of fairness needed for successful  mediation.

Choosing mediation in divorce is often the best option for family members to maintain communication and cooperation needed for the present and future success of their family.

New office in downtown Springfield, MA

by Atty. Jablonski on 01/11/11

I recently moved my law practice to downtown Springfield. I am two buildings over from the new Federal Court building. What a great neighborhood, with the museums, library, and the courts close by.  I look out my window daily to watch the progress on the Data Center in the former Technical High School building next door. I see my alma mater, Cathedral Grammar School in the distance. 

Being a native of Springfield, this move is so special for me.  Not only am I privileged to work in a community that is close to my heart and home, my new office is located in an historic building that also is home to my brother's architectural firm.  My clients will now enjoy convenient, free off-street parking in our private lot and won't be able to miss the Jablonski name on our signs. 

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